Donnerstag, 23. April 2015

Garmin Street Pilot v.2.36 / 2.37

password for all = ozboss18 

Before you install apk you must have folder Garmin on internal or external SD !!!
Download Garmin folder
Garmin folder for Kitkat ( Android/data/ )
Garmin StreetPilot folder for Kitkat.rar
Default path is: /storage/sdcard0/Garmin/, use Self signed tool and apk to edit path for your device.
2.36 res 800x480
2.36 res 960x540
2.37 res 800x480
2.37 res 960x540
all voice files

Download voice_all.part4.rar
Download voice_all.part3.rar
Download voice_all.part2.rar
Download voice_all.part1.rar

all HELP files

Download Help.rar


  1. Self signed tool and is dead, please re-upload.


  2. When you start the Garmin Street Pilot for Kitkat, there is a white screen where the error

  3. Danke schoen, ozboss.

    I have installed the 2.37 res 950x540 on Acer Iconia A1. Unfortunately I get white screen. I guess the main problem is the screen resolution of Iconia 1024x768, that is 4:3 screen ratio, whilst 950x540 and 800x480 are 16:9 ratio approximately.

    Any plan to release the 4:3 ratio version? :-)


  4. All help file link is dead, please re-upload.

  5. Can anyone help with path for my device ? Samsung Note 5

  6. /storage/emulated/0/Garmin/ Im thinking its this works sometimes and crashes other times ??

  7. Hi, did one manage to run StreetPilot under Android 7 (Nougat) ?
    changed phone. now I've Android 7.0. when starting StreetPilot app, the screen is black for short moment, but StreetPilot does not appear...

  8. all help link is dead, please reupload