Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017


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  1. Hi ozboss, i go to California in 10 days. I have download all fils in city navigator but after i dont know how to proceed to install the map in my Garmin 1490. Thanks

    1. copy unpacked gmap folder to garmin map directory
      WIN10/8/7/Vista = C:\ProgrammData\Garmin\Maps
      XP = C:\Dokument and Setting\All Users\ApplicationData\Garmin\Maps

      on MAC OS
      /Library/Application Support/Garmin/Maps/

      and BaseCamp or Mapsource see the map
      now you can create and transfer image to device

    2. thanks but what do you mean with "and BaseCamp or Mapsource see the map" ?
      And how create a image ? It's for use on a SD card ?

    3. BaseCamp or MapSource are Mapplanning Programs from Garmim. Software are free and downloadable from Garmin Site. Read the Help files or look here or use Google for this basics

  2. Ozboss hallo, wie kommt kann ich nicht Karten von 2016. Dank Oktober herunterladen
    Eine andere Sache, Ich mag würde ein Garmin Edge 820 in Singapur zu kaufen, sagte mir der Garmin Italien, kann ich nicht die europäischen Garmin-Karten setzen, denn es fehlt die "Basemap Europa" und funktioniert nicht richtig?

  3. Hi Ozboss,
    I need a copy of the City Navigator 2011.4 on my pc to use in Mapsouce.
    Can I download it here and if so how do I do that ?
    Thank you so much,

  4. City Navigator 2011.4 North America I mean.

  5. Why can I not see the blogger page?

  6. When I click on a link I always get the following message: "Your current account does not have access to view this page. Click here to logout and change accounts."

    How can I solve this?