Dienstag, 11. August 2015

OnRoute Maps for Bikes, Cycle and Walking - MapSource

( Password for all = ozboss18 )


Motorkaart MiddenEuropa 2015 v3.83 or Motorkaart MiddenEuropa 2015 v3.83 NEW
FID 100: BNL-DACH-DEN 3.83
FID 103: FR-IT 3.83
FID 104: SP-PT 3.83
FID 107: GB-IE-FN-NO-SE 3.83
Onroute MotorEurope 2015 or Onroute MotorEurope 2015 
FID 100: BNL-DACH-DEN 3.75
FID 103: FR-IT 3.74
FID 104: SP-PT 3.75
FID 107: GB-IE-FN-NO-SE 3.76
Onroute Motorkaart BNL_DACH_DEN v3.74 or Onroute Motorkaart BNL_DACH_DEN v3.74 NEW
MapID: 100

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Garmin - BeNeLux Cycling Map or Download Garmin - BeNeLux Cycling Map NEW
MapID: 2436
Download Onroute Fietskaart 1.63 (Netload, 152.00MB) NEW
MapID: 79

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OnRoute Wandelkaart v 1.12 or Download OnRoute Wandelkaart v 1.12
MapID: 78
Download Topo Netherland | Onroute Wandelkaart (Rapidshare, 255.31MB) ( Version 1.10 )
Map ID: 5140


  1. ok that's nice. I installed the 3.83 version. To get it on my zumo I had to install it in the user file folder where my documents etc are located. (garmin map data folder)

  2. Hello ozboss a question, i can see 3 maps in mapsource and basecamp but i don't see the SPPT map and i tried copy 1 and 2. any idea??
    Also i have a question about the amount of maps on the fileservers i see 12 on both downloaded them and then i see that they are all the same?? Should i putt some files together in a map?
    Thanks for responding

  3. copy unpacked gmap folder to garmin map directory
    WIN10/8/7/Vista = C:\ProgrammData\Garmin\Maps
    XP = C:\Dokument and Setting\All Users\ApplicationData\Garmin\Maps

    on MAC OS
    /Library/Application Support/Garmin/Maps/

    and BaseCamp or Mapsource see the map
    now you can create and transfer own image to device

    if you dont see SPPT so it can be that the your download is not complete - fail of xml file or or ....
    and on filefactory only in view the same name - if you downloadet so you set ...part1, part2 ......

    1. Thanks for your quick reaction, i unpacked and copied the SPPT map again and it works now. What i meant about the files is that there are more files is ie there are 2, 3 or even 4 parts of each area and the first one already works what do i have to do with the part 2 and 3? So what is the difference in these parts


    2. ahh now I understand
      My parts are split archives - ie the unpack automatically detects WINRAR that can include the other parts
      it has to be unpacked only once - when unzipped so you can delete the rar files

  4. When are you going to have the new 8.85 onroute maps ?

    Thank you.

  5. Are you still uploading new maps off onroute motor ?? Map 3.90 is out.
    Thank You..

    1. if map for me available i will upload

  6. Old OnRoute Motorkaart Links 1.04, France,Italy,Spain,Portugal v1.01 can not download more. Please delete Links or load new.
    Have you OnRoute Motor Europe 2.12 with
    Onroute Motorkaart France,Italy,Spain,Portugal 1.02 as .gmap download?

  7. Thank you for providing us with these maps :) !!

  8. Hi ozboss, can you please help me out with instructions what to do after download and unpacking rar files? Which files do I need to place in /Library/Application Support/Garmin/Maps/ ? Is it correct I don't have a Garmin/Maps folder yet and I need to make 1 myself?
    Unpacked files screenshot http://pasteboard.co/4C4MsXDM7.png

    Thanks for your feedback.

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  10. Please check this screenshot with opened folders
    Thanks for your reply.